I’ve never met Cannibal Corps frontman George “Corpsgrinder” Fisher, but by all accounts he’s an absolute gem of a human who always gives fans the time of day. A few years ago aboard a 70,000-ton metal cruise—a daunting nightmare for most metal musicians—I regularly saw old corpse hanging out on the pool deck, at the bar, or in any other pedestrian areas, with someone who Chatted casually. Dare to say hello.

And then there’s this, the final proof that Fisher has the patience of a saint: her tolerance—no, embracing—of the internet’s infinite fascination with her mythical, huge neck.

With the band’s new album, Unimaginable Violence, currently in the zeitgeist, Corpsegrinder has gotten a lot of press, and in fact, this article is the second this week on Metal Sucks where the man’s cervical potential takes center stage (“My neck is my moneymaker”, “he previously told an interviewer). The last one looks at Kerrang! Ask the following: “Does the Internet have an unhealthy interest in your neck?” – correct and to the point – to which he replies:

“Yeah, a hundred percent. Everyone always asks about my neck and anyone who does neck exercises, I get tagged in that all the time. It’s crazy. One of the memes was, ‘No Valentines this year,'” Maybe good year’, which I thought was fantastic.”

He then answers a question about his longtime neck health that prompted Slayer frontman/bassist Tom Araya’s neck surgery, saying:

“I’ve pulled muscles in my shoulder, but knocked on wood, I’ve never had a problem with my real neck.

“My neck has gotten bigger over the years and it’s probably because of the head banging. I must have built muscle somehow with the way I’ve done it, but it’s second nature to me when we play shows.” becomes.

“It’s funny that you mentioned Tom Araya because when we toured with Slayer it was a lifelong dream. One night I surrounded Tom when I was drunk. Not headbanging,” he said in an interview. The reason he got some of it was fun and it touched me. I had to tell him that the way I do, that’s the main reason. His style is that infinite form from left to right, but I took that as an art form. Saw the head banging.”

We are thrilled that the corpsegrinder not only has a sense of humor about his neck, despite our ‘unhealthy interest’, but that he is still in good health. Should it ever hurt, may we recommend the Ring-Dinger™?

In the same chat mentioned above earlier this week, Corpsegrinder also spoke about his passion for claw machines, how he wins them, and the proceeds from his charitable donations.

Cannibal Corpse’s new album, Unimaginable Violence, spawned three singles — “Clause Contagion”, “Murder’s Rampage” and “Inhuman Harvest” — and is now available through Metal Blade (order it here). The band “hopefully” can tour in the first half of 2022.

Among other things, Corpsegrinder was our recent guest on The Metalsucks podcast to discuss the new album, and he jokingly described himself as “a stubborn old jerk” for refusing to pay for streaming music services. referenced.

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