Bored of the monotony that comes with your typical Peloton workout and trying to stay in shape? There’s a way to make your workouts more fun.

Peloton has launched LaneBreak—a gaming-inspired workout for its connected stationary bike that brings the gaming experience to your daily workout.

Peloton launches gaming-inspired workout

Peloton has launched Lanebreak, a new series of workouts for its connected stationary bike that, as the name suggests, is reminiscent of a racing game.

The fitness company will start testing Lanebreak in July 2021. Starting February 17, 2022, the feature will roll out as part of a software update for all Peloton bikes in the US, UK, Canada, Germany and Australia.

Peloton has always been dedicated to bringing you the most engaging and exciting fitness classes from your screen straight to your home. And now, we’ve got an innovative new experience unlike anything you’ve tried before: Peloton Lanebreak.

Get ready for an immersive, gaming-inspired workout to incredible music, including levels featuring our exclusive David Bowie remixes and David Guetta’s heartwarming catalog. By adding variety to your routine, LenBreak will inspire you to push your limits—and help you have fun doing so.

In addition to the fresh, fun gaming element that these workouts bring, what makes Lanebreak different is that there are no trainers involved during the ride.

It’s also the first new program being added to Peloton’s fitness library as the company switches things up and adds workouts like barre, yoga, Pilates and strength training classes in 2020.

How Peloton’s “LaneBreak” Makes Workouts Fun

Lanebreak is a new workout type in the form of a racing game. In Lanebreak, you take control of a virtual wheel, race on a six-lane track and do your best while following on-screen cues and aiming to hit targets known as “Moments”. The higher your resistance and output level, the more points you get.

Choose from a variety of levels that are based on a variety of playlists and workout types. Lanebreak is suitable for everyone, whether you’re an expert, a beginner, or still finding your feet.

Check out Warm-Up Exercises, Intervals, Tabata, and more. Peloton will add new Lanebreak classes regularly—just like the Peloton On-Demand library—so you’ll always have something new to try. And like Peloton’s instructor-led cycling classes, each level is matched with a unique playlist.

The playlist features a wide range of genres and music from top artists – like upbeat tunes from David Guetta, exclusive David Bowie remixes, and music from Bruno Mars and Ed Sheeran – depending on your workout level.

For Peloton riders who are bored with the monotony of instructor-led classes and doing the same simple workouts, LaneBreak adds something unique to the mix—a breakaway from the norm that can help you stay committed to working out.

If you want to try out Lanebrake, you can find it in the More Rides tab next to the Scenic and Just Ride options, provided you’re an All-Access member with Peloton Bikes or Peloton Bike+.

Peloton is Merging Work and Play

Let’s face it, working out isn’t always fun. If you want to be consistent, it helps to switch things up – like your playlist, workout routine or the place you exercise.

If you own a Peloton bike and are looking to exercise at home, the LaneBrake offers you the opportunity to do just that. Incorporating gaming-like workouts can be just the variety you need to help you stay motivated to work out, keep your eyes off the clock, and have fun while doing it.

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