This weekend, the crypto market continues to trade sideways, with support for Bitcoin and Ethereum. When markets trade sideways, it creates a lot of opportunities for unknown projects to explode in value. This article takes a look at the top three winners on CoinMarketCap earning the most rewards today, ranked from lowest to highest based on 24-hour growth.

#3 Barter Trade (BART) +310%
Launched in August 2020, BarterTrade describes itself as a simple, smart, social and fun way to trade crypto. BarterTrade is a cryptocurrency exchange with dozens of trading pairs.

BART is a token of the exchange, in the same way that KCS is a token of KuCoin and BNB is a token of Binance. Users can currently sign up for Barter Exchange with their email, no additional verification is required to start using the platform.

Barter Trading also offers a referral program that rewards users with a 1-5% commission for signups under their links. We didn’t get to know much about the origins of the swap or the team behind it. According to, the domain is registered by

Overall, the exchange is adding new trading pairs and the platform appears to be professionally designed. The recent 300% price increase is significant, but the exchange’s token has been on a downtrend since May 2021. Assuming this is the bottom for BART, the price could easily double again if volume picks up.

#2 Project X Nodes (PXT) +319%
Recently launched on January 10th, Project X Nodes is an avalanche-based token that seeks to establish itself as a passive income cryptocurrency with a highly engaged and ethical community called “X-Collective”.

Although the project does not currently have a white paper, Project X published a Medium article in December outlining various incentives for users to own PXT and operate nodes.

Speaking of nodes, users can connect their MetaMask wallet and initialize PXT nodes to earn 0.34 PXT tokens every 24 hours. It should be noted that token assertion is disabled until the project migration is complete. Also, be aware that node creation is currently disabled until the migration is complete.

At the time of writing, PXT is trading at $12.22 with a gain of over 411% over the past 24 hours. By operating one node, users will receive around $4 PXT tokens per day, which is significant.

If you are not interested in running nodes and want to bet on a quick reversal, you can buy PXT tokens at TraderJoe.

#1 Thorium +867%
Launched in July 2021, the biggest winner today is Thorium, the world’s first liquidity mining coin with stable rewards. Thorium describes itself as a better alternative to Safemoon and other meme pieces.

Today, the project is moving from Thorium to Thorium v2, which is probably the reason for the recent price increase.

According to their roadmap, Thorium plans to launch two NFT games and an agricultural ecosystem that will allow holders to earn rewards.

THOREUM is a live BEP-20 token on the Binance smart chain. You can buy THOREUM on PancakeSwap and Bitrue.

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