Twitter has added a new option to its tipping feature that allows you to receive tips or suggestions in Ethereum cryptocurrency by adding your Ethereum wallet address.

This makes it the second supported cryptocurrency tipping option on Twitter after bitcoin. Other newly added tipping options include Paga, Barter by Flutterwave and Paytm.

With so many tipping options available, it’s even easier to tip or leave a tip on Twitter. So, the next time you see a great piece of art or helpful material, for example, you can easily tip the creator in Ethereum.

How Tipping Works with Ethereum on Twitter

A money icon will appear on the profile page of Twitter users who have Tips enabled. If you use an Android device, you can also see the Tips icon on people’s profiles in Twitter Spaces.

Tap the Tips icon using your Android or iOS device. You will be redirected from Twitter to that person’s preferred third-party payment service where you can send your tip.

Provided the recipient has set Ethereum as their primary tipping option, you can tip them in Ethereum using their displayed wallet address. Transactions are handled by payment processors who may charge fees, whereas Twitter doesn’t charge you anything.

How to set up Ethereum as your payment method

If you have Tips set up on your Twitter profile, other users can tip you in Ethereum by simply tapping on the Tips icon. Here’s how to set up Ethereum tipping.

You can now start receiving Twitter Tips in Ethereum. Note that certain personal information may be disclosed to the public in accordance with the terms and conditions of your preferred payment platform.

Give or Receive Twitter Tips in Ethereum

With the option to tip in Ethereum or be tipped, you have more ways to spend your cryptocurrency. It’s a breath of fresh air if you’re unable to access bitcoin for some reason.

Twitter Tips is a great way to support creators and people who drive conversations on Twitter or help those in need. Now you can support others or be supported by others using Ethereum.

On your Android or iOS device, open the Twitter app .

Tap your profile (tap your name or profile), then tap Edit Profile.

Scroll up and tap on Tips, which is turned off by default.

Turn on the ‘Allow Tips’ toggle to allow people to send you money directly through your tip jar.

Tap Ethereum Address, enter your Ethereum address in the space provided, and tap Save when you’re done.

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